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Last audit 1/12/19
GUS Coin @ 1,135,000 1.35
Gold 35kg 1.35
Reserve 10kg
Deposit 18

Bank independent,
Gold backed,
US dollar.

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About GUS

GUS is a worlds first, bank independent, gold backed US dollar minted on layer two of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Gold reserves are stored, catalogued and audited across an internationally distributed network of private bank vaults.

It is a true free market currency enabling the free flow of capital around the world offering both digital utility and physical settlement.

The 7 Pillars / Features of GUS


Gold spread across a globally distributed network of bank independent depositories.


Unleashing the utility of gold by enabling portability, instantaneous exchange and global access.


Each GUS token is pegged to $1 USD with all gold traded between accounts to eliminate volatility


Quarterly audits from multiple independent parties and valuers

Instantly Exchangeable

Preserve wealth and hedge against crypto or macro economic movements.


All gold is fully insured, held in class 3 vaults globally distributed across precious metal-friendly jurisdiction territories in LBMA approved precious metal depositories


Trading pair
Macro hedge
Fiat hedge
use P2P Exchange


Through familiar trusted entities, GUS provides forward thinking gold bugs a seamless and trusted on-ramp into the crypto space

A global bank independent monetary system

GUS map

A globally distributed and decentralised network of bank independent private gold depositories

We can currently accept gold deposits in the following locations and will continue to expand the network

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GUS chart

Traits of Money GUS Bitcoin Gold Fiat
Verifiable High High Moderate Moderate
Fungible High High High High
Portable High High Low High
Durable High Moderate High High
Divisible High High Low Moderate
Scarce Moderate High Moderate Low
Seasoned High Low High Low
Censorship resistant High High Moderate Low
Production Costly High High High Low
Programmable High High Low Low
*Decentralized Moderate High Moderate Low
Material utility High Low High Low
Intrinsic value High Low High Low